In 1984, the "Wagoneer" name was applied to the upscale version of the downsized Cherokee, and the full-size station wagon was dubbed the "Grand Wagoneer". As you can see from this picture, the Grand Wagoneer was a full-luxury model, with full bright trim and a woodgrain panel on the upper tailgate, surrounding the standard electrically-operated tailgate window switch.

Along with this change in name came a change in rear-end styling; Jeep dropped the distinctive wrap-around taillights, and switched to vertical taillights on the rear panel and separate side-marker lights on the side panel. This style was a modified version of the style found on the previous full-size Cherokees (pictured at right), though the actual taillights lenses were different and the location and style of the side-marker lamp was different as well. These vertical taillamps, when combined with the broad expanses of wood trim, are the most distinguishing feature of the Grand Wagoneer model until its retirement after the 1991 model year.