The 1970 model year Wagoneer saw only one minor change out back: the bullet-style backup light was replaced with a square backup light, again set in a chrome trim panel that mated with the wrap-around taillight housing. As the Wagoneer came to be perceived more and more as a luxury vehicle, small changes in styling cues sought to live up to this expectation. You can see the rubber filler strip in the bumper, which hid the bumper bolts on upscale model Wagoneers. A decorative aluminum trim panel was found on the lower portion of the tailgate of many Wagoneers, while the tailgate crease, the rear window and the upper roof arch were defined with a band of bright trim.

Nevertheless, it was still possible to order a relatively-utilitarian Wagoneer with less brightwork, and even with a manual roll-down rear window. In 1977, a 4-door model of the less-expensive Cherokees was introduced, and this model gradually took over the role of utilitarian full-size passenger Jeep from the Wagoneer, allowing even lower-level Wagoneers to come equipped with fancier trim.