Since our Grand Wagoneer is our primary family truck, I've spent some time making the interior more comfortable. I replaced the stock ashtray with a custom panel mounting the controls for the adjustable timing control; this panel retains the original power outlet for a cell-phone holder.

I built a center console (shown in its rough stages below) to direct some cold air to my daughters in the back. I hooked a 4" aluminum duct to the plate on the bottom of the underdash A/C duct, and installed a fan behind the three factory vents in the top of the console to move some cold air to my girls in back. It will be covered with beige vinyl, and incorporate some kind of cupholder for the front-seat occupants.

This keeps my three daughters cool in their car-seats in the back; you can see below how comfortable it keeps them. There is plenty of room for the three car seats, but the stock A/C only cools the front effectively. To make up for the lost center seat up front, and to add more passenger space, I'm in the midst of fitting a Jeep Wrangler fold-n-tumble to the back as a rear-facing third seat.

To use the rear booster seat for my oldest daughter, I had to install a rear shoulder belt. I wanted a retracting belt, and mounted a pair of front retractors from a Grand Wagoneer on top of the wheelwells:

Since this is an original GW belt, the color and style are identical to the front belts and blend well with the interior. The belt is attached to the factory upper anchor mount just behind the headliner. I also installed an extra map-light in place of the stock rear dome lamp, so my daughters have lights to read by (the light is partially visible in this picture):

The mount for the retractor is very strong, but completely hidden by the carpet and side-panels. I bolted a 1/4"-steel L-bracket to the top of the rear wheelwell (visible under the carpet here), with a matching 1/4" plate inside the wheelwell to back up the grade-8 attachment bolts.:

The vertical portion of the bracket rises up behind the side-panel, and is drilled to hold the 1/2" grade-8 nut and bolt that attaches the retractor:

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