1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

We bought this truck in May of 1998 for $1400, with 163,000 miles on it. I intended to buy this truck to haul lumber and stone for our yard; it is just as good at hauling kids to the beach for vacations, so it has become Karen's daily-driver. It has needed a lot of little things (mainly electrical), and some big things including rebuilding the engine [click for details on the drivetrain]. Since this is our daily-driver, I have spent some time making the interior safer and more comfortable, including adding shoulder belts for the rear seat [click for details on interior modifications].

The body is solid, but required some touch-ups of rust spots and the repair of a dent in the right-rear corner above the taillight. The white paint makes it easy to blend in the repairs and to touch up the scrapes that happen on the trails through the forests. The typical frame rust has been repaired by Auto Rust Technicians in Cranston, RI, who are in the process of developing a frame rust-repair kit for the full-size Jeeps, and I replaced the gas-tank skidplate with a rust-free one shipped to my by J&W Jeep in California. I've upgraded from a set of Gabriel Pro-Ryder LT shocks, to a set of Rancho RS9000 5-way adjustable shocks, set on "1" up front and "2" in back for street driving. The springs are from Espo Springs, with an extra 2" of lift; I couldn't unbolt the rear main, so I've eliminated some rear wag-sag with a pair of 2" blocks. I'm running a set of 31"x10.5" Regul Trailblazer tires, which fit with no rubbing.


Link to our truck on the IFSJA web-site,
where we have old pictures of our GW.
  • Specifications:

  • Engine- AMC 360 2-bbl (177hp), rebuilt to stock specifications except for Edelbrock Performer-Plus Camshaft
  • Transmission- Rebuilt TF727 3-spd automatic
  • Transfer Case- Rebuilt NP229 full-time w/part-time low range
  • Exhaust- 2" Random Technology #902501 high-flow catalytic converter and Flowmaster #52571 Big-Block II muffler
  • Suspension- 2" Espo lift spring with Rancho 9000 shocks
  • Wheels- 31"x10.5" Regul Trailblazer A/T tires on 5-slot aluminum 15"x7" rims
  • Aiwa in-dash CD player
  • Cobra 23+ CB Radio w/K30 magnetic-mount antenna
  • Custom center console with rear A/C ducts and separate 2-speed fan

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