The interior was in shambles, so I first replaced the driver's seat with a bucket from a 1976 Toyota Corolla that I drove for a few months back in the mid-80's; I've been hanging onto the seat for so long because it was in pretty decent shape, and I just *knew* I'd have a use for it someday; I'll install the matching passenger seat when time permits. The  passenger seat as well as the rear bench were taken from a 1982 Wagoneer that was being discarded, and that provided me with a host of other small parts as well.

Since the above picture was taken, I've installed a couple rolls of the generic red carpeting that comes in 6'x3' rolls at Pep-Boys; it isn't form fitting, but at $20 for the two rolls it took to cover the interior, it will do just fine. I've also replaced the mis-matched seats with full set of tan leather seats from a '79 Wagoneer Limited parts-truck. I may convert the whole interior over to tan, but for now, the "two-tone" interior suits me just fine.
The original ammeter shorted out, burning up some dash wires on me. This provided me with the "opportunity" to upgrade the wiring system by incorporating a direct link back from the alternator to the battery for improved charging and running the headlights off a pair of 40A relays. This keeps most of the amps the stock 61A Delco alternator puts out in the engine-compartment and out from under the dash. Speaking of the dash, I have also replaced the original gauges with better-functioning gauges from an '82 Wagoneer, but I kept the original 110mph speedometer.

The only radio I am currently running is an old 40-channel CB mounted under the dash. I'll be cutting the panel above the glovebox to install a modern pull-out 4-speaker stereo I have left over from another car. I have grand plans for re-installing the air-conditioning system I've got, but that's a long-term project.

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