Cherokee Flex

At the All-American Jeep gathering at Hebert's Candies in Shrewsbury, MA, Mass Mudders (I believe) hauled in a ramp that I finally got to test out my Cherokee on:

Here are the specs on the above attempt, with tires at a trail-pressure of 15psi and one front swaybar link disconnected

(measured) 107.5" wheelbase,

                         Distance: 81"
                         20º RTI: 753

                         Distance: 73"
                         20º RTI: 679

Here is some gratuitous flexing out on the trails:

The above shots were with the swaybars still connected. I'm also limiting my flex by my stock-length shocks missing 2" of travel that I need with the 2" block in back.

But flex is not just for show; here's where I put the flex to some good use:

And in the picture below; no, the rear springs are not sagging (the opposite tire is wayyy down there)...


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